Jamie Oliver Pasta

strong flour 600g
whole egg 6

1. place the flour on a board, you could always do this in a bowl
2. make a well in the centre of the flour and crack the eggs into it. using a fork, beat the eggs until smooth.
3. mix together with the flour as much as possible so it\’s not too sticky
4. then flour each hand and begin to knead
5. this is the bit where you can let all your emotions out so go for it
6. what you want to end up with is a nice piece of silky elastic dough. cover it with clingfilm and leave it to rest for about half an hour while you make your fillings.
7. divide your dough in half. cover one half with clingfilm and place in the fridge. push the other piece dough out with your hand
8. run it through our pasta mchine on the thickest setting for a few times, folding it in half each time until you have a nice, elastic, silky dough.
9. keep rolling the pasta through the settings, reducing the thickness each time until it\’s as thick as a beer mat
10. if the pasta gets too long to work with . cut it in half.
11. you now have your pasta sheet and can start to shape it.